Icarus Gear – Quality Level 10

Game of War expanded Icarus Gear to include Quality levels  6 -10.  This brings up 2 important questions “What stats does Quality 10 add?” and “Does it matter how Quality is leveled up?”

Thinking back to when Quality 1-5 first came out, a little of each stat was added.  This included Super Troop Defense and Attack, Regular Troop Attack and each of the Defenses: Troop, Type, Legion Resolute.  Quality 6-10 is a little different.  It adds 2 stats: Legion Attack and Troop Attack and adds 10 MTTT per level (6-10) for a total of 50 MTTT more for each stat.  So to answer the question “What stats Quality 6-10 add?” is Quality 6-10 adds Attack.

Highlights of Quality 6-10

  • Legion Attack increases 10 MTTT per level
  • Troop Attack increases 10 MTTT per level
  • Cost:  2.8 B Icarus Mine per level – 14 B per piece – 98 B Icarus Mines per set

Chart showing additional stats provided by Quality 1-10:

Chart showing Total Stats for Icarus gear, Quality 10 & Power 50:


Does it Matter how Quality is Upgraded?

Because the increase of stats in Level 6-10 stays consistent AND there is no cost difference, it does not matter how gear is leveled up past level 5.

Level up each set to level 5 and then spend Icarus Mines on Attack Gear.  Defense gear will not receive as much benefit from Quality levels 6-10.  This is due to high troop count in strongholds already being able to kill all incoming attacks.

Feel free to level one piece entirely to lvl 10, or every piece within the set a few levels at a time.