Icarus Gear Sets

Last updated on November 6th, 2017 at 10:17 am

Game of War released new gear yesterday, Icarus Gear, adding 4 different gear sets the Super Guardian, Super Valiant, Super Warrior, and Super Courageous each specializing in a different form of Warfare.

Along with the Gear we are seeing increasing use of Super Stats which is proving to be game altering.  We are seeing that Super Stats seem to place as priority in determining the outcome of warfare.   More information is coming soon as testing is concluded.

Icarus Gear Highlights

  • Majority of the Icarus Stats come from Quality and Power Up levels.
  • Max Quality: 10, Max Power Up: 50
  • Each gear set has identical stats with the exception of Super Stats, seen in blue below
  • Each set has its own specific color of ornamentation which distinguishes it apart from other sets.
    1. Super Guardian = Red
    2. Super Valiant = Purple
    3. Super Warrior = Teal
    4. Super Courageous = Yellow Flames
  • Gear currently does not have Set Gear Leveling
  • Gear is war situational specific
    1. Super Guardian = Defense & Health
    2. Super Valiant = Troop Attack & Troop Defense Debuff
    3. Super Warrior = Troop Health & Troop Attack
    4. Super Courageous = Troop Attack & Rally / Wonder Attack in Forest
  • Divine Research modifiers do not apply.

Chart showing Full stats of Icarus Gear:

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  1. Since there isn’t an apparent / known full set bonus for these sets, and since the stats are so similar, is there any reason why you should not mix between sets (i.e. 2 green accessories, and one purple)?

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