Icarus Set Gear Leveling 5000

The last piece of Gear upgrades,  Set Gear Leveling, was added to the Icarus Set in Game of War.  This takes on the form of Super Gear Sets that level up to Max of 5000.

Super Gear Set Leveling Highlights:

  • Increase per level stays consistent
  • Cost of leveling starts small and increases significantly
  • Set Gear Leveling adds Attack

Max Stats added from Icarus Set Gear Level 5000:

  • 400 MTTT Troop Attack
  • 400 MTTT Rally & Wonder Holding Attack
  • 400 MTTT Legion Attack
  • 20,000 % Multi-Kill
  • 80 BTTT Rally & Wonder Holding Health
  • 40 BTTT Trap Health

Cost of Leveling:

Pinpointing down where specific Icarus Charm costs start and end points can be a bit tricky.  Use the following below as a guide instead of an exact representation.  Further updates will come shortly with specific confirmed ranges.

  • Associated Materials: Icarus Charm
  • Levels 1-2000: 10,000 Icarus Charms per Level   (confirmed)
  • Levels 2000-2500:  60,000 Icarus Charms per Level
  • Levels 2500 – 3000: 100,000 Icarus Charms per Level
  • Levels 3000 – 3500 :  800,000 Icarus Charms per Level

Updated Chart showing Max Stats Icarus Set with Set Gear Leveling 5000: