Level 20 Duelist Skills

We have added skill trees for the Duelist Skill Tree in Game of War. With the lack of points available to the duelist tree (and massive boosts provided), it is very important to make sure that your duelist skills are fully optimized at all times.

Lvl 20 Duelist Skills

Important Duelist Skills Notes

  • Due to the lack of presets for the Duelist Skill Tree, we will frequently be sacrificing large amounts of attack (or health) for march sizes. As soon as Duelist presets become available, we will update these trees to include a march preset (as in the Gladiator 50 Skills).
  • There is a very large point shortage for most instances in the Duelist tree (except for defense). This means that you need to be very aware of which stats matter “more” in each situation. These trees will help with that.

Please feel free to discuss these skill trees on our Forums, or in the comments section on this post.

6 thoughts on “Level 20 Duelist Skills

  1. No updates in a while….are y’all over it?

    Am 99% sure that troop count doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is if you have the latest research/gear/boosts of whatever kind available in the latest $100 packs. MZ doesn’t even know how the game mechanics work, they are making up stats on what makes people burn or not burn.

    I’ve done experiments, and under controlled conditions, the same number of troops die whether you have 1T troops or 100TTT troops given the same attacking troop count. The game is broken. Everyone has convinced themselves that when they bought that pack to train more troops, it was more troops that keep them from burning. WRONG it was the new boosts in that pack.

    If you don’t burn with 1TTTT troops, you won’t burn with 1MT troops. Troop count used to matter, but with the scale of current boosts, is all or nothing.


    1. Haha. Not done. Just didn’t update over the weekend while playing in the event :-).

      For your troop count observation, it does work that way to a point nowadays. More troops definitely helps, but if you’re still too low you get obliterated regardless. Just the number of troops needed for “more troops” now is utterly enormous.

      1. My tests have shown that more troops do NOT help, even up to stupid high levels. The account taking hits was current when troop levels were commonly in the the KTT range. We tested up to the KTT range and no difference In kills between 10ktt and 10k….

    2. Exponential growth…eventually the % difference between 1 fully boosted troop and 1TTTT troops will so negligible that you are right, the amount of troops you have will not matter. That is why they bring out a new Tier each week, it is just to manipulate the (now very long) equation that determines your boosts.

      1. My point exactly. Am absolutely stunned that no one has bothered testing this before. If this were common knowledge, the only people spending at all would be the big spenders who have the latest and greatest anyway.

        Would have saved them wasting time and rss on training tho, had they known all they needed was latest everything and more troops than the attacker can March.

        I personally think the limit is more to do with the way defense values work, with damage prevented by defense being spread out over the entire defending army, then remaining damage being applied to individual troops. Basically, once we hit troop defense boosts and troop levels high enough to not matter anymore, it has become all about health of defending army.

        I don’t think MZ understands their battle algorithm anymore. Is why we have been seeing such wildly escalating boosts, because they are just trying to fix problems caused by the previous release.

        And again to reiterate my point, the same number of troops died in an attack whether it was 10k troops or 10kttt troops. It was also scalar for the attacker- 200 troops killed twice as many as 100 troops.

        Feel free to do more tests, would love to find out I’m wrong, but pretty sure I’m not.


        1. I performed a test a few upgrades ago on a solo target I was testing. Each hit the target retrained roughly the same amount of troops, and as the attacker I changed absolutely nothing. All 3 hits resulted in 3 different results and 1 of the 3 was significantly much lower in kills. I think it is as random as the day you are attacking. Similarly I was recently at 950KTTT with 90% done on the Iron research right when VIP 800 came out. I burned on a solo, and the next day we have 64KTTT capping rallies. This was before this weeks updates, but still shows that from day to day the algorithm is broken and constantly changing. It is now and has been a weekly cycle of the same releases, new levels troops and research. If you upgrade when a new release comes out, you have the potential to burn anything before it is ‘fixed’. Gone are the days of alliances and multiple rallies. Such a shame that has become a game of individual attacking. It came close a few days ago with being able to rally larger accounts, but as soon as the game gets to a reasonable place, they screw it up with a new release. Also, great tip on the troop count as I can now kill off all my guys since on Android devices with large troop counts, it takes over a full minute for the troop screen to load. Apple its better at about 8-12 seconds, but limits my ability to play at work on my phone.

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