Merge KvK Prep, New March Boosts

A new boost came out today – 175% March Boost. New march sizes in Game of War :
Max solo march : 1,983,932
Max rally march : 6,480,357

Adjust traps accordingly for your KVK this weekend!

Game of War KVK Merge Preparation

The KvK merge events scoring system has been (mostly) released – and it is power destroyed. This means that traps will still be able to score well if they’re built correctly (even if they burn). It also means that large players that were considering taking heroless rallies should avoid doing that unless they are built specifically to win on power.

Tips and tricks for a Power destroyed merge event :

Rally Leaders
– Be familiar with what you are hitting. Do not continue hitting 12:1 T2 traps that are winning on power unless they are offline and not boosting, so you know you will be able to get into their T3/4 troops. Even then – if they are a 12:1 ratio trap, you will still lose on power (and points) by zeroing them if they’re built well.
– HOLD THE WONDERS. In a 1v1 Power Destroyed event, the Wonder points will add up IMMENSELY. If you want to win the event, you MUST either hold the wonders or hope that you get lucky and get a big zero.
– Use caution for bait gear, but also track targets that are baiting. If a 70b has been sitting in Chancellor’s gear for five hours without their helps or power moving – there’s a possibility they fell asleep. Zeroing that target can often win the event for you in a 1v1. Take chances on targets like this. Lots of folks’ bait gear is not ready for the Kingslayer Cores or Nike Kingslayer. Use these recipes on targets that you think are offline in bait gear.
– Have lots of No Hero Burners ready to go. When the opponent sets rally on one of your traps that you know will cap their hero, get a scout! Look what’s behind those walls. Often times players up to 125b are soloable if they’re lower troop count and you’re high research. It is always better to land a big no hero rally hit on someone – but lots of folks are smart enough not to take those now. Don’t be afraid to boost up and solo someone that loses their hero.

– Prepare some defensive cores. Even if you burn, POWER trade is what matters here. Traps will frequently be what makes or breaks a 1v1 KVK for your kingdom. If you know that you will not cap the enemy hero because of your setup, make some defensive cores and build some T1 (Don’t nerf yourself!). Increase the power spread.
– Prepare specific anti-type core sets to cap specific coresets. When you see someone running an Ares, port around them. Bait them into hitting them with the knowledge that Ares is coming. Pop your Anti-Ares cores and win on power.
– LET YOUR RALLY LEADERS KNOW if you are confident that you will cap a hero. Let them know if you will NOT cap. Use the members of your alliance to scout them and tell you what is coming and adjust accordingly.

Most importantly : If this is a merge event, remember that these people are your future Kingdom mates. Show them that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Also know that you will soon be stuck with them – one way or another :-).