Multipliers – What are they and What do they do?

When you look in your Boosts Tab (under your power, then profile, and then Boosts) , you will see specific Gear modifiers.  They are located under the Miscellaneous Bonuses tab but before Special Event Boosts.  These are specific modifiers that apply to the Helm, Armor, Feet and Weapon and  have come directly from Research. The most recent modifiers have applied to Icarus Gear and for the most part may have fallen off the radars of most players because of the old school timers used on this research.  The only other Gear set modifiers used was applied to Icarus’s predecessor, the Divine Gear.

Because the last 2 gear sets used Multipliers from research, there is reason to believe this is something to be more aware of and will probably come up again perhaps in the Athena Gear or Future Gear.

How Multipliers Apply

What makes Multipliers important is that they actually multiply the base gear stats by the achieved multiplier from research.  If the multiplier is 100%, the base gear stats are multiplied by 2.  Whatever percent is achieved in research is added to the already existing 100% from the gear itself.  If the multiplier is 400%, the base gear stats should be multiplied by 5.  (100% base gear stats + 400% researched multiplier)

Adding Stats Together

The multipliers apply to the actual base gear stats but BEFORE quality, Power UP, and Set Gear Leveling.  These last 3 gear upgrades are add-ons after the fact.

What does this all mean?

What this means is the actual strength of your gear and which gear to use may depend on what multiplier you have  completed in research.   At some point the Power UP and Quality usually completely dwarf the original gear stats.  But this is something definitely to be aware of.

Part 2 coming soon- comparison of Icarus & Athena