Mythical Banners

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:11 pm

Ten new Mythical Banners were dropped in Game of War last night and this morning.  Prior to this, there were no Mythic Creature stats on Banners. This means that the optimal banners to use in nearly every situation in GoW has been changed MASSIVELY by this new drop.

Banner Guides Updated

We have updated our Banner Guides to include these new Mythic Banners.

  • Banner Guide – Rally Attack : A guide to the best banners to use when RALLYING enemy Strongholds.
  • Banner Guide – Rally Attack : A guide to the best banners to use when SOLO ATTACKING enemy Strongholds. This guide includes various banner setups for solo attacks using different types of Mythical Creatures.
  • Banner Guide – Defense : A guide to the best trap banners to use for defending your Stronghold. This also applies as no hero banners.
  • Banner Guide – Wonder : A guide to which banners to use when battling for the Wonder.

Mythical Banner Highlights

  • Three of the banners are Creature Type specific: Immortal Master, Beast Master, & Dragon Master 
  • Two of the banners are specific to non-related Creature Stats
    1. Shatter Banner holds Super Troop Debuffs
    2. Royal Banner holds Troop / Legion Massacre and Multi-Kill
  • Two banners are Rally oriented for Mythical Attack and Health.  Mythical King & Lifeblood Health
  • The last 3 banners are Creature Attack, Creature Type Attack, and for Creature Health & Defense.  Mythical Blades, Mythical Attack, and Ironskin Banners respectively.


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