Mythical Creatures & Mythical Training Grounds

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:14 pm

Game of war recently introduced a new building and combat dynamics in the game revolving around Mythical Creatures.  This is turning out to be a major Game Changer.

Highlights of Creatures

  • Creatures stand out in front of Troops.
  • In order to kill troops, you must cut through all the Creatures.
  • Currently there are 3 Creatures each with strengths and weaknesses.  Some of these Strengths / Weakness seem to not be released yet.


Associated Materials:

Mythical creatures are trained in the Mythical Training Grounds which requires a pack purchased Unlock and then Mythical Ore, Mythical Wood, Mythical Stone, Mythic Training Grounds Upgrade Manuals for upgrading.

Cost of Building Upgrades: Mythical Training Grounds

  • Level 1: Unlock
  • Level 2: 100 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 3: 200 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 4: 300 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 5: 400 each resource, 600 M Manuals
  • Level 6: 500 each resource, 6 Billion Manuals
  • Level 7: 600 each resource, 60 Billion Manuals
  • Level 8: 700 each resource, 3 Trillion Manuals
  • Level 9: 1 million each resource, 150 Trillion Manuals
  • Level 10: 2 million each resource, 15 KT Manuals

Combat stats start at level 2 and are continued in Research.


If no victor can be determined on the battle’s first turn  (Creature vs. Creature) a draw will occur and no troops or Creatures will be killed or wounded.

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