Mythical Hero Skills

Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 09:55 am

The Mythical Hero in Game of War (also known as Second Hero or Legendary Hero, as some people call it) is having a very large impact on every aspect of GoW atm. Setting your mythical hero skills correctly is absolutely imperative for success. Our Mythical Hero skill guides will assist you with setting these skills for any situation in Game of War.

Mythical Hero Skills Notes

  • At this point, skill distribution for the Legendary Hero trees is incredibly tight. You only get 2 points per level, all the way up to Level 70. This means we need to focus on the most important stats for every point available.
  • Mythical Creatures have caused a large shift in the combat algorithm because they stand in front of troops. This means that you will want to focus on these stats wherever possible.
  • Until we can get more combat stats from research, you will want to dodge several areas with march size increase in order to allocate those points into more attack.

Mythical Hero Skill Tree Guides

  • Mythical Hero Skills – Defense : These are the optimal Trap skills for your Legendary (second) hero in GoW. Current levels covered : Hero 64, Hero 65, Hero 68, Hero 70, Hero 80, Hero 95
  • Mythical Hero Skills – Rally Filler : These are the optimal skills to use when filling rallies. They will maximize your march sizes and Stronghold protection. Current levels covered : Hero 95.
  • Mythical Hero Skills – Rally Attack : Use these skill guides to set your mythical hero for RALLY ATTACK in GoW. These will optimize your hero skills to do the most damage possible when rallying. Current levels covered : Hero 65, Hero 68, Hero 70, Hero 80, Hero 95
  • Mythical Hero Skills – Solo Attack : These guides will help you set your Mythical Hero attack skills for SOLO ATTACK in GoW. Use these to optimize fully and do the most damage possible with your solos. Current levels : Hero 65, Hero 68, Hero 70, Hero 80, Hero 95
  • Mythical Hero Skills – Wonder : These are the best Wonder skills to run in Game of War. Use these wonder skill trees to fully optimize your Mythical Hero and lock down your Kingdom’s Wonder. Current levels : Hero 68, Hero 70, Hero 80, Hero 95

Please stay tuned for further updates on these powerful new Legendary hero skills. In the meantime, please feel free to ask questions or post in the comments section or on our Forums!

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