New Black Friday Core Sets, New Boosts

Game of War released several new core sets today – “Black Friday” versions of older core sets. The first and most easily available one is “Black Friday Bacchus” – so we’ve done a core comparison.

Additionally, boosts have gone up to 400%.

The following image displays the difference between Standard Bacchus and Black Friday Bacchus. These screenshots were taken from Preset Viewer, so the set bonus (which is included in the SS) is not added in – also, they are not boosted, powered, or gemmed.

Game of War Core Set - Black Friday Bacchus Cores

As more information becomes available about the other Black Friday versions of Core Sets we will continue to keep you updated.

5 thoughts on “New Black Friday Core Sets, New Boosts

  1. They’re different cores, but same pieces. You can craft the black Friday set with one click core crafting, and then gem/skill it as you usually do.

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