New Research Added – New Gems

New research was added in Game of War – Gem Sets.

These gem sets give bonus stats for using specific combinations of gems (when research is done).

To see our breakdown on the new Gem Sets, as well as a comparison of the new sets against the old gemming (mathematically broken down and showing which way is better), go here :
Rally Math – Gem Set Comparison

The table on that page will provide exact stats for each gem set and line them up against the “old way” of gemming – several instances the old way is still better. Some instances the new gem sets are dominant (the wonder).

At initial glance, several of these presets will be straight upgrades over current gemming.

The new gems :
Game of War - New Gems

And the gem presets, along with the bonuses provided (the bonuses are provided when you have done both level 1 and 2 of the research – the first level only yields 50% of the bonus) :
Game of War - Gem Sets

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  1. To complete the gem bonus tree to its entirety do you have to have certain researches done in different trees?

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