New Research Gear – New Speed-up Treasury

Today saw the release of an entirely new set of research gear in Game of War – the Oracle set. With the recent addition of massive resources (500b) and speeds (85k) in packs, it’s now easier than ever to get that research done (thankfully). The gear is obtainable through in game sales currently – with a 7 part unlock pack giving you the full set. I’ll say that again, to avoid the inevitable comments asking what come in the unlock packs – each next pack you unlock will give you another legendary piece of Oracle gear. Whether you want to go for the full 7 that way, or only buy some and attempt to craft the rest with the materials you’ve obtained is up to you.

The Oracle set secret bonus for both 5/7 includes all the same results as Chancellor – Troop Load, March Speed, Gold Gathering Speed, RSS Help Capacity, etc. Nothing pertaining to research speed or research cost reduction.

The comparison, including Oracle gear set stats :
Game of War Oracle Gear Set Stats

In addition to adding the Oracle set, we also saw the release of a new building – the Speed-up Treasury. How this works : Deposit a speed-up (varying sizes, based on how long you want it to accrue). The 24 hour option, you deposit a 3-day and are returned a 10-day speed. Example :
Game of War Speed Up Treasury

Don’t forget : Merge events are SATURDAY NIGHT. Prepare your No Hero Burners and Trap Cores now – and DOMINATE!

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  1. You can deposit any number of smaller speeds that add up to 3 days and then get a ten day one back. A good way to get rid of the tiny ones if it is worth it to you.

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