New Second Hero

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:11 pm

A Second Hero has been one of the most recent additions to Game of War, and has brought a lot of questions as to why we have a Second Hero and  to which hero is best to use.  This article is to help answer these questions

Second Hero Highlights

  • Second Hero reduces 11 Hero Skill trees down to one skill tree 
  • Greatly reduces Lag and time required for reskilling.
  • 82 total skills
  • Only one hero can be used at one time.
  • No Presets, but skills can be easily removed and added without resetting the entire tree.
  • Use the “Change Hero” tab on hero screen to activate selected hero.
  • Easily recognizable – Second Hero currently looks the same for all players.

Hero Coverage

  • If your Hero is captured, the second hero does not take over coverage.  At the moment, there is only one hero active at a time.
  • This gives room for possible future use of hero adaptation – aka hiring future specialty heros which could in a way could have adaptability similar to cores.
  • Can use any Gear in inventory.

Comparison and Tips & Tricks to using Hero 2 – things maybe you haven’t thought of.

Higher Upgrade Costs

  • Level 54 & 55 = 30 Million each
  • Level 56 = 150 M
  • Level 57 = 250 M
  • Level 58 = 500 M
  • Level 59 = 1.5 Billion
  • Level 60 = 2.5 B
  • Level 61 = 5 B
  • Level 64 = 35 B
  • Level 65 = 50 B

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