New Tiered Research, Buildings, and Hero Levels Updated

Last updated on August 26th, 2017 at 10:52 pm

We have been working to update all of the information you need to know about the new tiers of buildings, troops, and hero levels in Game of War. This release is unlike any we have seen in GoW before, and it appears to be nearly a “full reset” of the game up to this point. With all new speedups, RSS types, and four new tiers of everything important in Game of War, this looks like it may be just what the community has been asking for – a return to a slightly more simplistic approach.

Stronghold 100, Hero 200, and T13 Troops

We have made a new page for each of these three categories of upgrades and will be updating them as quickly as possible as we receive new information.

Some quick facts on the new tiered system :

  • It does not appear as if the nerf numbers have changed. If we find anything more about this, we will let you know.
  • The difference between the tiers of troops appear to be somewhat similar to the difference in strength between T1-T4 in “old school” GoW.
  • There is now an Upkeep Reduction Token in packs that will stop your troops from eating all of your Cheese. This was an issue for the last day or so for lots of people.
  • There are tokens to reduce the RSS cost to train troops and do the new Prime Combat Research Tree in packs. Check the contents of the packs closely to ensure you are receiving these tokens.
  • Each “tier” of the new research, buildings, and hero levels require new item types to upgrade. As you increase in tiers, the number of items needed to upgrade increases rapidly.

Find out more specific information on everything you need to know about Prime Combat Research, Hero Level 200, and Stronghold 100 here :

Stay tuned for more updates!

13 thoughts on “New Tiered Research, Buildings, and Hero Levels Updated

  1. What I want to know is who’s footing the bill to keep this site up to date. It has to cost $20k a week just to max the updates. Interesting enough MZ is using GOW to raise capitol for future endevors so to all of you still spending you are making an investment for the true stakeholders to profit from and the only return on your money you are seeing is some purple flames and an opportunity to press buttons. When you realize this distinction hopefully you will not feed another penny into MZ and they will have to use their own capitol to start new projects but for now every time you buy a pack you increase the stock price of somebody else’s holdings.

    1. In light of the fact you are lecturing, I thought to point out capital as you are using the word is spelled with an “a” 😂

  2. You dont have to buy the packs when they are immediately released. I dont understand why people are bitching about it. Its a game. Play when you can. Buy when you can afford to do so. Shields are dirt cheap. I stay wirhin my budget. We know MZ will release daily updates. Just wait until Saturday Morning to catch up. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS

  3. DEAR bake

    I appreciate valuable information.
    When will the resources and items of Tier 11 research be updated?

  4. There is a troop ratio that you can follow and avoid being over nerf. The most common one is the T2:T4 (10:1 ratio) though you can go higher to about 12:1.

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