New Trinity, Royal Troops, Research and Hero Levels

Game of War has released the next level of Trinity including Royal Troops, Majestic Research Tree, & Buildings along with the corresponding Valiant Hero Levels.

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Further Cost Details, Hero Skill Guides, and Combat Guides will soon be posted as soon as testing with the new stats can be completed.

New Royal Troops

New Trinity has been released in Game of war.  Currently the role of Troops, Traps and Siege have been to change the outcome of the Creatures standing on Front Line.  Each new Tier or Trinity that has been released will be stronger than it’s predecessor.  This new release is much different than the others.  With this one, the attack is massively higher while keeping defense and health relatively the same.  Time will probably show Troops taking on a very serious role with regards to Attack and Backing.

New Combat Research

The new Majestic Researches follows suit in the same pattern as the previous few Research releases.  Since the focus of the Majestic Research are the New Troops… Troops and Troop Related Stats are found within the Majestic Combat Research tree (the research on the left hand side of the Majestic Research Folder.)

The Mythical Creature Stats are found in the Majestic Ultimate Bonuses Research tree (the research on the right hand side of the Majestic Research Folder.)   Stat increases for this research lie within the Overall Mythical Creature stats and will apply to Creatures, Spirits and Horrors alike.

Totals of both max researches added together can be found below in the following Chart.  Level 7 research usually represents 1/5th of a corresponding Level10 research.

Chart showing Stat totals for Max Majestic Researches:

Game of War Majestic Research, Royal, Dynasty, Majestic, Majestic Ultimate Bonus Research

New Valiant Hero

Similar to Troops, every New Hero release will always be better and stronger than of the former Hero with exception to March Size.  The original base stats on march sizes tend to be smaller than the preceding maxed hero.  This makes a impact when filling; when needed, swap heroes for filling vs defending.  However, from a defensive and attack perspective, the new hero will always be stronger.

This new hero follows the same pattern of drops.  There tiers after the base stats including: Overall Creature Mythical Stats, Type Mythical Stats, Troop Attacks & Debuffs & Super Stats, Wonder Rally Stats, and Rally & March Sizes.  This time two Additional “TYPE” stats are included… the Horror and Spirit Type Stats.

After the Base level skills, the 4 tiers of Stats are as follows:

Game of War Valiant Hero Skills, Hero Number 6, Hero #6


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