New Troop Train Gear – Exalted General Set

The Exalted General Set is the latest troop training gear released by MZ boasting a much higher training speed and a significantly higher troop queue bonus vs. the older Grand Marshal Set.  Below is a side by side comparison of the newly released Exalted General Set vs. the Grand Marshal Set to help you decide on an upgrade.

Troop Training Speed: The Exalted General Set is 212% faster
Troop Queue Bonus: The Exalted General Set has a 2500% larger boost
Tier 4 Resource Cost Reduction: The Exalted General is 1.25% better


Bulleted below are the optimum gems to have in your training gear:

  • Recruiter Gem – Troop Queue Bonus 25%
  • Wisdom Gem – Training Speed 5%
  • Training Gem – Training Speed 6%
  • Discipline Gem – Training Speed 10%

To adequately skill your hero for troop training: (RS = Right Side Hero Skills & LS = Left Side Hero Skills)

  • RS – 25/25 for Troop Training Cost Reduction
  • RS – 25/25 for the Base Set Bonus
  • RS – 25/25 for Troop Training Capacity
  • LS – 15/15 for Troop Training
  • LS – 35/35 for Troop Training II
  • LS – 50/50 for Troop Training III
  • LS – 25/25 for Full Set Bonus
  • LS – 35/35 for Trap Building II
  • LS – 15/15 for Trap Building

As a best practice, we reccomend you utilize the remaining hero skill points in the order defined below.  This sequence will ensure that your strong hold can better withstand a potential Solo Attack or a Rally Attack in the event you are disconnected from the game or fall asleep in the 23rd hour with hero home 🙂

  1. Altar Defense
  2. Troop Defense 2 and 1
  3. Altar Health
  4. Troop Health 2 and 1
  5. Troop Type Defense
  6. Troop Type Health
  7. Enemy Attack Debuff
  8. Enemy Health Debuff
  9. Remaining points can be added to the various attack skills

4 thoughts on “New Troop Train Gear – Exalted General Set

  1. Enemy attack debuff has fallen that low in the priorities? I thought it was just behind defense in importance.

  2. Troop-per-troop, it still is, technically, but troop counts have changed it. Debuffing the attack on 3 mil troops used to be preferable to increasing the health on 300mil. Now, if it’s debuffing 6.6 mil or buffing billions, it’s starting to overtake it.

    Not to mention, the sets that’ll really kill you these days are so very heavy on type attack as opposed to troop.

  3. I don’t put any attack debuff in defence cores I make they still work really well my crappy set with junk gems gets 4200 D and under 500 attack Debuff results in 0 losses 16k wounded

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