Core Crafting – Missile Updates

We are currently in the process of publishing new core crafting articles. The first was just published, Cavalry Missile! It is a list of the absolute top Attack % for cores and pieces to make the maximum Attack% core set possible. It also includes the chests to find the items as well as a list of other pieces that can be used for Cavalry Missiles. Check it out now!

Hero Gear – Basic Defense Updated!

A brand new article has been published and is currently in progress. Hero Gear – Basic Defense has been published and is currently being updated! This article includes a list of the best items for DEFENDING against attackers. The items are ranked, and includes the boosts, materials required, and where the materials can be acquired. Thus far the best HEAD SLOT items to defend your kingdom have been updated. Check it out, and discuss it on our forums!. Stay tuned for more updates!

New KvK Kill Event Scoring System!

A new KvK Kill Event Scoring System was released today in the Game of War Blog. Will it be permanent? No way of knowing. But GoWcraft has analyzed the new scoring system! Big changes to the way points are scored for kills, as well as getting points for holding each Wonder now (Kingdom of Fire style). Check out our analysis of the new scoring system and ways to react to it in our latest article!.