Power Shaman Gear Set

To accompany the newly released Gear Workshop, MZ has released the new Power Shaman Gear Set.  This set vastly reduces the POWER ESSENCE cost needed for Powering Up your equipment by 90%.  Currently, MZ has NOT released any gems or hero skills that will further decrease the POWER ESSENCE cost.  We recommend that you utilize Defense oriented gems to further enhance the Seven-Piece Set bonus for the Shaman Gear Set.

We also recommend skilling your hero for the left side and ensure you max out the Altar related Skills, Troop Defense, Enemy Attack & Health Debuff, Troop Health and place remaining points in the Troop Type Defense/Health Skills…Great bait gear 😉

  • Five-Piece Set Bonus: 100% Stronghold March Speed Debuff
  • Seven-Piece Set Bonus: 1,000% Troop Defense (all 3 types)

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13 thoughts on “Power Shaman Gear Set

  1. Sorry,but are people really still playing and paying for this game? Do something else with your lives people..I care about all of you and wish for you to spend your time elsewhere. It has been great not playing this money sucking game anymore..please wake up..and bake and others I really do appreciate your passion but what is this costing everyone?

    1. Personally, I still play because I am not sure what else to do with my time. I have played this game for about 2 years now and have spent roughly $2500 on it (currently about $20 a month on it). It might seem like a lot but I don’t go out or do anything else due to disability. For those who do regularly spend thousands of dollars on this game every month or worse every week, I completely agree the entertainment return is just not worth it. Many of the people playing this game are actually addicted to this game and are completely in denial about it. It is scary how bad some people have it. If people are playing this game and are not breaking their own banks over it then it’s all good if they spend what I think is a lot because they have a lot of disposable income apparently. Continue at your own risk. 😛

  2. And about the playing game still….it’s just common sense our wallets are part of the game…think of it as RSS or item needed from your real bank account…you go work in real life so you can keep growing😁

  3. Hiya I have gemed shaman gear an skilled it is very effective, can withstand full rally 7m plus artemis core.

  4. There are now a couple of Hero skills on the right side of the tree for the Shaman, “Gear Salvage and Break” and “Power Up Efficiency”. They are at the bottom of the tree (currently) so most folks will not be able to get to them for awhile.

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