Prison Multiplier Skill – Tested and Explained

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Prisoner Multiplier hero skill (and subsequent research). While widely known that it wasn’t working as intended for a while, recently the Prison started reflecting an attack increase when skilled into (or researched). This led lots of people to frantically re-skill into it.

Due to this, we tested it. Profusely.

The summation of the testing is this :
The Prisoner Multiplier hero skill does nothing to increase your actual “Troop Boost” Attack, and therefore does nothing to have any discernible effect on combat. The boost will show on your PRISON’s stats. The boost will NOT SHOW in your “Boosts” panel, nor will it change anything in combat.

We will update this as further information or testing becomes available. At the time of this post, it’s not worth skilling into. We will let you know when it is.

Game of War - Prisoner Multiplier Explanation

18 thoughts on “Prison Multiplier Skill – Tested and Explained

  1. Am I right that the warden banner does increase the attack stats? The issue is only with the skill points, right?

  2. Hmmm. I was pretty sure that I checked my total attack stats before and after applying the prison multiplier skill points…and I was sure it was working (i.e. my total attack boost was higher). I guess I need to double-check that and may end up re-skilling…again!

  3. This has me scratching my head, how can it show increase in attack yet not actually provide any additional bonus. Seems like it is still broken to me.

  4. One thing i noticed is that the bonus shown on the prison is only calculated when the banner is activated as it doesn’t change as your skill tree changes. This would lead me to believe you wouldn’t need 50/50 points in your current skill tree to get the bonus (once it works)

  5. Have they fixed the prison bonus yet. I feel like i spent hundreds on resrarch they have no intentions in fixing

  6. Salvaging boost, hero multiplier boost. Why the screw ups? Guess those that don’t know waste points by filling stuff MZ needs to fix

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