Radiant Troop Tiers and Research

Last updated on October 4th, 2017 at 03:38 pm

Radiant combat research in Game of War are the levels that correspond with the release of the radiant trinity release. The radiant trinity release includes :

  • Hero Levels 226 – 300 : Information here.
  • Tier 15, Tier 16, and Tier 17 Troops : Information in this post.
  • Stronghold 126 – Stronghold 200 : Information here.

These researches require three different items to complete, as well as Tier 4 RSS and Supreme Speedups (which are new). The cost of the new RSS and speedups is not prohibitive – the Knowledge items required for each tier are what will hold you back.

Tier 15, Tier 16, and Tier 17 Notes and Research Costs

  • As you progress through each “tier” of research levels, the number of items needed will increase. The higher tiers increase more rapidly.
  • These new tiers have tier specific Attack, Defense, and Health again. Tier 15 Attack will be higher than Tier 16 attack until your T16 research passes your T15. Even if you have not completed the research tree, you should still use your highest tier of troops to attack.
  • These new researches have virtually nullified the Massacre stats provided in the Gladiator Skill Tree. Our Gladiator Skills – Level 40 reflect that.
  • The T15, T16, and T17 researches and their associated items :
    • Radiant Troops Tier 15 : Radiant Knowledge
    • Ornate Troops Tier 16 : Ornate Knowledge
    • Gilded Troops Tier 17 : Gilded Knowledge

Tier 15 Research Radiant Knowledge Costs

The total amount of Radiant Knowledge required to complete T15 research in Game of War :
Game of War T15 Research Costs

Tier 16 Research Ornate Knowledge Costs

The total amount of Ornate Knowledge needed to complete T16 research in Game of War :
Game of War T16 Ornate Knowledge Costs

Tier 17 Research Gilded Knowledge Costs

The total amount of Gilded Knowledge to complete T17 research in Game of War :
Game of War T17 Gilded Knowledge Research Costs

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  1. Been away from game and can’t find anything on the sandguard eco hear as to what gems are to be used? Can’t see switching gems out for different uses or why even have one gear fits all

    1. I recommend just sticking Training gems in them if you’re looking for eco gems. None of the newer researches or buildings are modified by any gem sets. If you’re still going to be training lower tiers, training gems are the only thing that will still help you. Or just stick with Mythic gems for the added defense.

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