Rally Math – Embassy Defense

This Game of War Rally Math article is the results of testing we performed to determine the importance of your Embassy when taking a rally. Everyone knows that the Embassy will house allied troops and assist you in killing incoming marches/rallies. What we wanted to test was the actual significance of the “Embassy Defense” stat – mainly, if it counts as base defense or is on a separate table (and thus hugely more powerful).

Set up for Embassy Testing

Target :
160b power
Full research
VIP 21
25 Level 22 Barracks
Embassy 22
6b troops defending
Embassy Defense Bonus : 30%
Attacker :
Running a version of the Infantry 200b Burner
Full research
Vip 21
4.256m march size

To start things off, our Target got a bit overconfident and lost his hero at the Super Wonder (shocking). We’ve been planning on performing this test for a while, so then it just became a waiting game. After lots of failed attempts from various other rally leaders, the alliance (FEaR) ported in and got the job done.

Hit 1 :
We purposely did not reinforce him to get the results of the test. This hit was the result of him all on his own :
Game of War Rally Math - Embassy Defense Testing

He burned. And quite handily. So we know we are facing a well made no hero burner set, at this point.

Hit 2 :
Obviously at this point he knee jerked and yelled “FULL REINFORCEMENTS FILL ME UP” in alliance chat. So we did. This hit was the result of him being reinforced :
Game of War Rally Math - Embassy Defense Testing

Capped the hero. With room to spare. The results are VASTLY different from the first, non reinforced hit.

So we decided to see if it was all due to the Embassy Defense bonus. We pulled all reinforcements and reloaded with just one Immortal.

Hit 3 :
Now his Embassy is entirely empty, except for the 1 Immortal. The result of 1 Immortal in Embassy :
Game of War Rally Math - Embassy Defense Testing

This hit he took even better than the last one. Why? We aren’t sure. Perhaps the attacker adjusted some gemming after the second hit capped him. Further testing is needed to discern why this result was so different than the first.

Summary :

Embassy Defense is a big deal. As troop count goes up, it becomes an even bigger deal. This attacker had the defense debuff necessary to zero out the target’s defense (See : Rally Math – Hero in Prison Stats), but the Embassy defense was enough to make him unburnable again.

As we have said in the past – as troop count goes up, defense gets stronger. Exponentially. It would appear as if somewhere in the 5.5b-6b troop range becomes very nearly unburnable again, when reinforced.

This is because Embassy Defense is not debuffable. We previously believed that Embassy defense only applied to troops IN THE EMBASSY – this test has proven that is not the case. Embassy defense will add a flat % that is not debuffable by the attacker – making the “big guys” somewhat safe again. It was fun while it lasted.

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