Rally Math – KVK Scoring and Break Even Chart

Last updated on March 4th, 2017 at 04:29 am

As the rally march size increases in Game of War, a frequently asked question is whether or not you “won or lost” on scoring in a KVK. Lots of traps now go for the “flames of victory” approach to KVK scoring – which works quite well. This means that they will burn, but will still win on points due to the incoming troops all being much higher tier than the one that they’re losing.

Due to that, we’re making a chart that will show how many kills are necessary to be “point positive” on a hit in a KVK Kill Event, based upon your march size.

KVK Kill Event Scoring
Troop Tier Kill/Hospitalize Points Battle Mark Points Total
Tier 1 5 1 6
Tier 2 24 5 29
Tier 3 65 13 78
Tier 4 100 20 120
Tier 5 125 25 150

This is the KVK scoring table as of 3/3/2017. When/if KVK scoring changes, we will update the table. Using this scoring, you must kill the following amounts to break even on points. Any kills higher than the break even point mean that you are winning on points if you are the attacking player. If you are killing or hospitalizing less, it means you are losing on points.

All offensive marches are considered to be full T5. If sending T4, this table does not apply. Additionally, all amounts are considering the target to be Battle Marked. If the target is not marked, you will need to kill more than the listed amount to be point positive.

Game of War KvK KE Score Chart