Rally Math – Max Building Boosts Updated

We have been trying to keep our max building boosts lists updated – but with the crazy orb inferno glitch, obviously the boosts have been flying in and being upgraded nonstop by everyone lucky enough to have taken part in the now infamous Orbferno.

That said, you can check out our maximum known building boosts here :
Rally Math – Maximum Building Boosts List

From what we’ve seen, the following information has become more readily apparent (subject to change when higher is found, obviously) :
– Building Luck caps at level 24. We assume this caps at whatever level the building is – meaning it will go up when level 25 is released.
– Multiplier caps at X40. Typically, if you get anything over X35, stick with it. Unless you just like pressing Use Orbs a lot. X39.5 seems to be much more common than X40.

Our current max boosts list, updated as of 10:00 a.m. CST on 9/22/16 (new boosts will be found by 10:15 a.m.) :

Maximum Known Building Boosts


Building Max Total Boost Max Base Boost Max Multiplier
Stronghold Attack : 199.32% Attack : 4.99% Attack : X40
Academy Defense Debuff : 73.69% Defense Debuff : 1.87% Defense Debuff : X39.5
Altar Type Attack : 117.94% Type Attack : 3.01% Type Attack : X39.5
Barracks Defense : 10.84%
Type Health : 48.71%
Troop Queue : 72.12%
Type Health : 1.23% Type Health : X39.5
Embassy Defense : 44.63%
Embassy Defense : 0.99%
Defense : 1.17% Defense : X15
Forge Health : 86.62% Health : 2.22% Health : X39
Gymnos Hero Attack : 1.09%
Type Attack : 120.85%
Type Attack : 3.12% Type Attack : X39
Hall of War Attack : 77.19% Attack : 1.96% Attack : X39
Hospital Type Health : 40.85% Type Health : 1.24% Type Health : X33
Marketplace Health Debuff : 56.56% Health Debuff : 1.71% Health Debuff : X33
Prison Attack : 73.03%
Defense Debuff : 0.54%
Attack : 1.87% Attack : X39
Storehouse Type Attack : 121.39% Type Attack : 3.11% Type Attack : X39
Villa Type Health : 35.87%
Troop Attack : 4.28%
Type Health : 1.12% Type Health : X32
Walls Defense : 40.2% Defense : 1.34% Defense : X30
Watchtower Attack Debuff : 69.21% Attack Debuff : 1.87% Attack Debuff : X37

25 thoughts on “Rally Math – Max Building Boosts Updated

  1. Is it true on that screwed up inferno that some people received over 240 million orbs. If so it was worse than the never ending zues rewards chest. Wonder what MZ will do to level the playing field. Hard to keep an account maxed to fight and someone get that kind of free advantage on you.

    1. Too bad you missed it.
      4M orbs was $5 and how many inferno people did differ of course. Personally i did 10 of them and got 40M orbs.

  2. Players who realized what was going on or who happened to be making purchases by chance received 4000 x 1000 = 4M orbs per $99.99 purchase, repeatedly in Inferno.

  3. I was reviewing the Maximum Known Building Boosts and see that the Troop Queue Max for Barracks is listed as 72.12%. One of my Barracks has a higher bonus value. Here is the breakdown:

    -Troop Queue Bonus: +2.38%
    -Multiplier: x32.00
    -Total Troop Queue Bonus: 76.2% (actually 76.16% rounded up)

    With a blessing and boosts I can train approximately 27mil T4 at a time. I do have several other Barracks with a Troop Queue Bonus. Just not as high as the one above.

  4. Villa Bonus is higher than what you have listed as well. Here is what I have:

    – Wild/Strat/Ranged Health Bonus: +1.24%
    – Multiplier: +30.00%
    – Total Wild/Strat/Ranged Health Bonus: 37.19%

  5. Embassy – Embassy Defense

    Embassy Defense Bonus – 0.35%
    Multiplier X3.00

    Embassy Defense Bonus 1.04

    If you want the screen shot email me.

    1. Ignore my post above, there are Embassy Defense Bonus much higher then that. I think Embassy Defense : 0.99% posted in the above article is way wrong.

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