Rally Math – Nerf Explanation

Last updated on April 23rd, 2017 at 12:36 am

One of the most frequently asked questions in Game of War is about the “nerf” rate. Nerf hits happen extremely frequently – but by knowing the way to calculate the nerf rate, you can be sure that you are never one of the reports that is shared on Line 400,000 times.

How you know it was a Nerf hit :
Nerf hits remove a flat 25% of the troops. They will continue to remove 25% of the troops until the target is no longer nerfed. This is why you see multiple nerf hits on the same target sometimes. This generally means that the target really ignored this formula.

There has been a rumor that certain types or tiers of troops do not apply to the Nerf. This is false. All tiers and types have been tested and confirmed to factor into the nerf rate. Yes. Tier 5 troops DO APPLY to the Nerf formula. Many thanks to (^DB) Elvee in K717 for volunteering to be the guinea pig for these tests.

Nerf Ratio in Game of War

An extremely commonly asked question in Game of War is, “What is the ratio of T2 troops I can have to T3/4/5 to not be nerfed?” This is largely due to the fact that lots of people will use a ratio to more easily build the “correct” number of troops. We strongly recommend you do not use a ratio – any other tiers of troops being added to the ratio will throw it off and you may end up nerfed.

The best way to confirm the nerf rate is by using the Nerf formula. This formula is :

Total Troop Power + Total Trap Power
divided by
Total Troop Count + Total Trap Count

That number must be greater than 10. If it is less than 10, you are nerfed.

An example of using the Game of War Nerf Formula :
Game of War Nerf Ratio Explanation

Don’t use a ratio. If you must use a ratio…
Tier 1 : 2 power
Tier 2 : 8 power
Tier 3 : 24 power
Tier 4 : 36 power
Tier 5 : 45 power
Tier 6 : 54 power

You need to know those numbers. The reason the T2:T4 ratio is 12.5:1 because –
12.5 T2 = 100 power
1 T4 = 36 power

Total troop count – 13.5
Total troop power – 136
136/13.5 = 10.07 – which is over the rule of 10.

That’s why that “ratio” was what people always went by. It *worked* if all your troops were T2/T4. It got screwed up if you threw any other tiers.

Tier 2 : Tier 5
17.5 T2 = 140 power
1 T5 = 45 power
140+45 = 185 Troop Power
17.5+1 = 18.5 Troop Count

185/18.5 = 10 – directly on the rule of 10.

Tier 2 : Tier 6
22 Tier 2 = 176 power
1 Tier 6 = 54 power
176 + 54 = 230 power
22+1 = 23 Troop Count

230/23 = 10 – directly on the rule of 10.

Nerf Ratios


Nerf Ratios
Tier:Tier Amount:Amount
T2:T3 7:1
T2:T4 12.5:1
T2:T5 17.5:1
T2:T6 22:1
T2:T3:T4 20:1:1

Again, please – use the formula. You will save yourself 25% of your troops.

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