Rally Math – In Depth Troop Analysis

Due to the recent incredibly rapid advancement of rally leaders, stats, and overall troop counts in Game of War, we’ve revisited an old subject : troop selection, strong against, and interaction between types and classes.

Right after Wild troops came out, we did an in depth analysis on strong against types and, basically, who hits who the hardest. Due to this article on troop selection, for a long time traps have been operating solely off of the idea that : Regular hit Wild really really hard, Wild hit regular and strategic pretty hard, and Strategic are just there to get hit. We’ve decided to delve a bit deeper into this due to the MUCH larger troop counts available to Strongholds now – and the results proved to be interesting.

What we were testing :
What split of DEFENDING TROOPS yields the best results against each type of Attacker. We all know the old mantra of “Defender has Wild troops, send Regular” – but this testing proved that it is much more complex than that, and also nailed down the amounts that you’re looking for.

Test Setup

To set this test up, we used the following scenario :

  • Attacker sent a static 1,147,500 of each TYPE of Infantry (Regular, Strategic, Wild). This was to ensure at no point did the attacker kill all of any class of troop.
  • Defender had the exact same split of troops on each tile.
  • No stats or boosts were changed for the duration of the test.
  • Neither attacker nor defender had their hero on the tile – this was to attempt to strip the test down to purely type vs. type.
  • Test 1 : Defender Split Regular

    For a long time, the majority of traps in Game of War have been focused on Regular troops. This is both because they hit Wild so hard, and to keep research levels down.
    Test Results for Defender : Split Regular
    Game of War Trap Guide - Regular Defending in Trap
    As expected, Wild troops hit this mix the strongest. They killed 18% of the enemy troops – with the vast majority being their strong against. These results were expected.

    This led us to our next test, which is a defending base that is all Wild troops in the bottom tier.

    Test 2 : Defender Split Wild

    Most traps have avoided having a large amount of Wild in their bottom tier for quite some time, simply due to the fact that Wild get absolutely melted by Regular. That said, fully expecting the results, we ran the test anyway.
    Test Results for Defender : Split Wild
    Game of War Trap Guide - Troop Selection
    As expected, Regular utterly dominated. It killed 20% of the enemy troops, which is 2% higher than our Wild->Regular hit did. However, Wild vs. Wild only killed a total of 9% of the march, which is a whopping half of the damage dealt by Wild to Regular. As previously shown, Wild to Wild is the least amount of damage in the game.

    At this point, we get into the meat of the testing. Knowing how the troops interact with eachother, how can we build our Stronghold to take LESS damage? Additionally, as rally leaders, what points should we be switching to different troop types?

    The following tests show this.

    Test 3 : Defender 78% Reg/Strat, 28% Wild

    We know that Regular to Wild deals the most damage in the game. We know that Wild to Regular/Strat deals the second most damage in the game.

    The theory behind this build is that the Regular and Strat will take more damage from the Wild, but the PRESENCE of the Wild troops defending will soften the blow some.
    Test Results for Defender : 78% Reg/Strat, 28% Wild
    Game of War Trap Guide - Troop Selection
    As you can see, the hits got MUCH more uniform. The results appear to show exactly what we were hoping – the presence of Wild troops in the bottom tier did reduce the damage taken. The worst hit here only killed 16% of the defending troops – which is 2% lower than when all of the troops were Regular. Additionally, the Wild troops were low enough that the increased damage from Regular wouldn’t overcome the difference.

    These results also show that – as a rally leader – just because Wild are present doesn’t mean you should send Regular troops. Wild need to be above a certain ratio in order for Regular to overcome and deal more damage. Our next test shows this.

    Test 4 : Defender Even Split, Regular/Strat/Wild

    For this test the Defender had a perfect split of all 9 troop types.
    Test Results for Defender Even Split, Regular/Strat/Wild
    Game of War Trap Guide - Troop Selection
    This is the test that fully rounds out what we were attempting to prove. The defending troops are perfectly split – 33% Regular, 33% Strat, and 33% Wild. The results show that no matter what type was sent, the Defender lost 15% of their troops. This means that the Wild troops present have perfectly offset the increased damage when Wild are attacking – and the Regular/Strat have offset the additional damage when Regular are attacking.

    This means that a perfect split in your bottom tier of troops is the best way to avoid giving the enemy rally leader an advantage.


    From this testing, we learned the following :

  • Having split troops in your bottom tier will offset the damage done by enemies.
  • As a rally leader, if the target is MORE THAN 1/3 Wild in bottom tier, you should send Regular.
  • As a rally leader, if the target is LESS THAN 1/3 Wild in bottom tier, you should send Wild.
  • As a Trap or Rally Filler (or anyone taking a hit), if you are HEAVY REGULAR/STRAT or HEAVY WILD, you are much more vulnerable to taking a big hit if the enemy rally leader figures it out.
  • We have seen lots of hits lately where these results are VERY MAGNIFIED on large troop counts. Use caution getting heavy in any direction.
  • As always, Premium members can discuss this testing and how to best utilize this information on our Forums!.