Rally Math – Troop Selection

Last updated on March 3rd, 2017 at 08:12 am

Edit : We have done additional testing, that provides an in depth look at this from another angle. To see the more recent testing, go here :
Rally Math – In Depth Troop Analysis

With the recent addition of Wild Troops to Game of War, rally math has become even more incredibly complicated. After quite a bit of tile testing, we believe we have figured out a basic guide for troop selection assuming you know what you are attacking into – it is no longer solely based on strong against. Troop types (normal, strategic, wild) now play a nearly equally important factor in the damage your rally will do.

Let’s start off with an extremely basic explanation.

We all remember the “wheel,” it has been around since Game of War started. This is the most basic concept of Game of War attacking – Infantry beats Cavalry beats Ranged beats Infantry. This still exists – and with the addition of Wild troops it is stronger than ever.

However, wild troops have added a new “wheel,” and this wheel appears to be equally important to the first. This is less of a wheel, and more of just a new set of strong against. It goes like this :

Wild hit NORMAL and STRATEGIC troops the hardest. They hit normal and strategic equally as hard (despite popular opinion).
Wild hit other WILD troops very very softly.

Normal troops hit WILD troops incredibly hard. This is the most damage in the game – a normal troop hitting a wild troop of the type it is strong against (for instance, Immortal vs. Juggernaut).
Normal don’t do great damage against other normal or strategic troops.

Strategic troops are right in the middle ground. They hit other normal and strategic troops for less than Wild do, but they hit them harder than normal troops do. They hit wild troops harder than wild troops do, but for less than normal troops do.

So, as convoluted as that may seem, you can break it down somewhat simply to the following :
Normal beats Wild beats Strat beats Normal. This is thrown off by the fact that Wild troops hit normal troops harder than strat troops do.

Now, let’s look at the testing that was done to draw these conclusions. First is a test that was run by putting equal numbers of each type of troop on a tile, then running 200k Valkyries (T4 Wild Infantry) into them and viewing the results.

Game of War Wild Troop Stats

Important areas to note in the above table :
– Note that 200k Valkyries killed the exact same number of Normal and Strategic, all three types. This shows that they deal equal damage to normal and strat troops – regardless of strong against.
– Note that 200k Valkyries killed 63,110 Cataphracts/War Elephants. Meanwhile, 200k Marksmen killed a whopping 89,050 Valkyries. This shows that normal troops deal MORE DAMAGE to wild troops than wild deal to normal/strat.
– Finally, note that 200k Valkyries killed less than half the number of Juggernauts that they did Cats/Elephants. This is a very big difference, even though they are still strong against them.

After running these tests, we did some tile testing to test on SPLIT armies to see if the troop selection still mattered. In this test, we sent 100k Infantry of each type at a tile with 300k various army compositions on it. The results are as follows :

Game of War Wild Troop Stats

Important areas to note in the above table :
– When we sent 100k Valkyries into 300k split Immortal/Marksmen/Elephant (normal troops), they still killed more normal troops than when we sent 100k Legionairres into the same tile. They lost a lot more troops, but still killed more.
– When the defender was evenly split, all three troop types did both the same amount of damage and lost the same amount of troops.
– When the defender was made to be wild heavy, NORMAL troops dealt the most damage – while taking equal losses as Strat. Wild dealt the least damage.
– When the defender was heavier on Strat and Normal troops, WILD troops dealt the most damage – but took the most damage as well.

So, to sum it all up – it looks like there will be a new form of troop selection when rallying a target. The new rules will be this :

When hitting a large target (not expecting to get troops back, just get the hero walking home alone) :
– If the defender has more wild troops than normal and strat troops, send NORMAL.
– If the defender has more normal and strat troops than wild troops, send WILD.

When hitting a smaller or unknown troop count target (that you hope to get troops back from):
– If the defender has more wild troops than normal and strat troops, still send NORMAL.
– If the defender has more normal and strat troops, send STRAT.

There is no reason to ever send Strat troops at a target unless you are expecting to get troops back or do not know their army composition.