Royal Gear, Accessories & Set Gear Leveling

Game of War just released their Royal version of each of the Singular Gear Sets including: Apollo, Zeus, Hero, Poseidon, Hades and Ares Royal Sets along with all the accessories and Set Gear Leveling.

Member’s Tips

Gear & Accessory Guides – Click for info on Best Gear, Accessories and Substitute Accessories.  Includes the following:

  • Defense Gear Guide
  • Solo Attack Gear Guide
  • Rally Attack Gear Guide
  • Wonder Gear Guide

Royal Divine base 4 Comparison

This gear collection keeps the same trends as the Singular Gear with using identical Helm, Armor, Boots and Weapon pieces and offering an assortment of Accessories to chose from.

Similar to New Heros, some of the smaller stats such as the Spirit Stats which weren’t included but the exclusion is covered by the much more comprehensive Mythical Creature stats.

Below are charts of the base 4 (first for pieces of each set) for comparison.

Royal Divine Accessories from the following sets:

Apollo, Hades, Hera, Zeus, Ares & Poseidon.  Accessory titles are color coded according the the Accessories actual color.

Accessory Highlights

  • 3 Accessories come per set, each looks identical.
  • Accessories can be catagorized into 2 main stats, Mythical Creature TYPE Stats and Mythical Spirit Stats.
  • Mythical Creature Type Stats either have Attack or they have Health, not both.
  • Mythical Spirit Type Stats either have Attack and Health – OR – Health and Defense.  These are accompanied by like Troop stats as well.
  • 3 Accessories specialize in Super Troop Stats including Attack, Health, Defense
  • 3 Accessories specialize in Mythical Creature TYPE Defense and are accompanied by Super Troop Defense.

Chart showing Royal Divine Accessories:

Game of War Royal Divine Accessories, Soul Medallion, Blood Vial, Poison Vial, Ring of Gods, Echo Vial, Glacial Vial, Ring Vengeance, Life Vial, Arctic Vial, Spirit Medallion, Acid Vial, Rage Vial, Ring of Souls, Spirit Vial, Natural Vial, Vigor Medallion, Blood Vial, Frost Vial, Apollo Hades Hera Zeus Ares Poseidon

Set Gear Leveling

Set Gear Leveling does help with all combat types including Defense, Soloing, Rallying and Wonder combats.  Level up your Gear as much as possible taking each piece of gear up the same amount of upgrading, and upgrading the set as a whole.

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