Singular Divine Gear – Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus

Game of War has released several Singular Divine Gear sets that are related to each other and complimentary.  These sets are the Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus and Ares Sets.  From looking at the set Stats in the Forge, there appears to be one more set in the collection that has not dropped yet.

Singular Set Highlights

  • Each set uses the Same Helm, Armor, Foot and Weapon for combat.
  • Each set is identical except for the 3 accessories which can be interchanged.
  • Be on the look out for one additional set and for additional upgrades of Quality and Set Leveling Stats.  Set Leveling should boost sets quite a bit with 1.5 KT each of Spirit Defense, Creature Rally stats, Creature Defenses and Creature Attacks.  (not yet released)


Power Up 50 Costs

  • Associated Materials: Singular Gear Power-Up Materials
  • Levels 0-10: 38,090 total
  • Levels 10-20: 38,090 total
  • Levels 20-30: 1.9 Million total
  • Levels 30-40: 3.77 Million total
  • Levels 40-50: 3.77 Million total
  • 9.44 Million per piece

Power Up 50 Stats add 30 Trillion of the following for every 10 levels: 30 Trillion of Spirit Health, Creature Attack, Creature Defense, and Creature Type Health.  Stats added per tier stay consistently the same however cost more per every 10 tier increase.

If Amount of Materials on hand is an issue, raise each piece of Gear the same amount and raise the sets collectively the same amount at the same time.  Only one Head piece, Armor, Foot and Weapon are needed for all 5 sets.

Singular Accessories

Singular Accessories can be swapped out and exchanged.  They fall into 4 categories.

  • Spirit & Super Troop Attack: Ring, Buckler, Belt, Sign, Obsidian Ring
  • Mythic Creature Rally Stats: Handguard, Mantle, Gauntlet, Lantern, Grips
  • Creature Type Stats:  Fire Potion, Dagger, Moonstone
  • Troop Stats:  Rod & Ghost Potion

Chart showing Stats of all currently available Singular Accessories Powered at 50:

Game of War Accessories from Singular Divine Gear: Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, & Ares Sets with the Accessories Ring, Buckler, Belt, Sign, Obsidian Ring, Lantern, Grips, Handguard, Mantle, Gauntlets, Fire Potion, Dagger, Moonstone, Rod, Ghost Potion

Here is a chart of Singular Divine Gear all Powered at 50:

Game of War Singular Divine Gear: Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, & Ares Sets

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