Soul Shields – Legendary, Exalted & Divine

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:13 pm

Three new Super Set Accessories were added to Game of War; The Legendary Soul Shield, Exalted Soul Shield and Divine Soul Shield.  These new additions are nearly identical to the Scepter but increased stats, add Mythical Dragon Attack and add Debuffs.

Mythical Dragon Gear Attack Stats

  • Legendary (Red) = Dragon Attack 100%
  • Exalted (Yellow) = Beast Attack 100%
  • Divine (Green) = Immortal Attack 100%

Which Set to Use?

When attacking or using as defense, use the set that counters the oppositions Mythical Creatures the most.  Mix and Match depending on what is being sent.  For Defense wear one of each accessory as standard and change it depending on incoming.

3 Creature Types

  • Immortal = Minotaur & Odin
  • Dragon = Dragon & Double-Dragon
  • Beast = Cerberus (& probably Phoenix)
  • Immortals  = Strong vs Beast / Weak vs Dragons
  • Dragons = Strong vs Immortals / Weak vs Beast
  • Beast = Strong vs. Dragons / Weak vs Immortal

More will be posted on this.


While the Band looks appealing with the higher Super Rally and Attack stats, its recommended to use the Shield.  Creatures make the largest impact on the outcome of attacks and defense.  The 100% Mythical Attack stat is equivalent to between level 4 research (80% attack) and level 5 research (200% attack).  Use the given 100% in gear especially in early days of Creature stats.


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