Super Set Accessories

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:15 pm

Two new Super Set Accessories have recently been added to Game of War, the Divine Soul Pendant and the Divine Soul Scepter.

Confusion on Names of Scepter & Pendant

There is confusion on the names within the Forge as both of the Pendant and Scepter are labeled Scepter.  However, the Items Search box still shows the following.

For easy reference, these are screenshots of the accessories and the names.

Power Up 49 for Defense

If you are using the Scepter or Band for Defense, stop leveling Power Up at 49.


Chart showing stats on the 3 most recent Super Set Accessories.  Power Up 50 stats will have 600% more Super Troop Attack per accessory and Level 0 Power Up defense stats.

One thought on “Super Set Accessories

  1. Don’t use the soul pendant with Athena divine gear. There is no set bonus and when you click on soul pendant it pulls up king gear in set details. But soul pendant isn’t listed in either set details. It’s not part of Athena divine accessories nor is it part of king gear . So not sure what is going on with that accessory…

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